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Thursday, April 22, 2010

UKIP Me Hanging On

Great stuff as UKIP's Lord Pearson makes an utter tit of himself on The Campaign Show by not appearing to have any knowledge whatsoever of his own party's manifesto.

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tafkass said...

Have a look at his Wikipedia entry - he's a very busy guy with fingers in many pies other than politics. As he says, there's no reason whatsoever why the leader of a party should need to bother with minutiae like, say, what the party says it believes in.

Seriously - general elections are good for one thing at least, and that's dispelling the myth that little right-wing parties like the BNP and UKIP are in any way interested in the good of the country at large. They lack the stamina for a prolonged campaign, and find that their shouts of "broken Britain" ring a bit hollow after the first hundred times or so.