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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Saltmills Angels

Here is a pic of my friend Anna hard at work with her friends Lina & Vanessa. In the background, you can just see the sign 'Friday is Pieday', and indeed it is. Every Friday, they make the best pies I've had in ages. As well as ice cream smoothies, oh yes, that's certainly something I'll be trying when I get home.

And it's my last full day today, I'm flying home tomorrow. Where did the time go? But I've thoroughly enjoyed it, it's been great to catch up with Anna again and make sure she's alright. And she looks happier than I've seen her in ages, which is fabulous. I can report back home that everything is ok and she's got some great friends out here. It's a great life out here. You walk into any bar and you're guaranteed to see someone you know.

I've been snorkelling, kayaking and sailing. I've practiced tai chi on a moonlit beach. I've walked about 50 miles these last 2 weeks. I've been swimming with a turtle, I've seen pelicans, a couple of storks, 2 hummingbirds (which bizarrely look like flying seahorses), 2 sharks and a million lizards. I've met some great people and I've been bumped and ground by the local girls. But most of all, I've had a deeply relaxing holiday and am feeling full of beans. I just hope it's not too cold when I get back.


Yow Mutha said...

It seems like you have been away for weeks and weeks, you might need to put the old thermals and your big woolies on kidda, because it is a bit nippy here in dear old England at the moment.
So glad you feel relaxed and refreshed. sounds an amazing place, its been great reading about all your adventures and we can't wait to see your pics.
Have a safe journey home darling and give Anna our love.

mollys nails said...

damn you, you piece of jetsetter trash! I went to QLD...hmmmmm...

Shit Sandwich said...

It's SERIOUSLY cold, and getting worse by the day. Due to sea-ice, Plymouth is now 50 miles from the nearest open water and is reportedly on high alert because of foraging polar bears.

Helly said...

Welcome home my sweet sound ;ike you had a ball planty of snaps I hope.
Helly xx