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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Doctor Who?

I must have missed this when I was away, but I've just heard that everyone's favourite poomuncher Gillian McKeith has been forced to stop using Dr. So from now on, she is only Miss Gillian McKeith. This was after a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority by a member of the public, who had challenged whether the poisoned dwarf was a qualified and accredited doctor and entitled to use the term.

I must say, I do hate the woman. I feel that she is a bully, earning a fortune from the misery of fat people. And I actually read her book. What a waste of money. It was poorly written, poorly researched and full of glaring inconsistencies. For someone so obsessed with poo, she is clearly full of shit.

1 comment:

Yo Mutha said...

Here here! I totally agree with you, she is a dreadful woman and how dare she call herself a Doctor. did'nt she buy the title off the internet or something? Anyway I don't suppose she is too bothered being found out because she has already made her millions.