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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Massaging the Truth

I wrote a couple of days ago about a report, stating that the influx of Eastern European immigrants had not led to a crime wave, which had been widely predicted in the nation's media. In the post, I wondered what the Di'ly Express and the Daily Heil would write about now. I needn't have worried.

...wails the front-page headline from the ever-reticent Di'ly Express. "Immigration from Eastern Europe has led to a huge surge in crime, police chiefs will tell the Home Secretary today".

Interesting. The Express claims to have seen an advance copy of the police report, which had revealed that in fact immigration has not increased the rates of crime in Britain. In fact the Express includes in its own article quotes from the co-author of the report, Chief Constable Peter Fahy, who had said: "Migration has had a significant impact on UK communities, but while this has led to new demands on the police service, the evidence does not support theories of a large-scale crime wave generated through migration."

But hey, what the hell would the Express do with facts like that? Their 'evidence' for their claims comes in the following 'damning' passage from the report:

"EU migration has brought with it a huge surge in the exploitation of migrants and organised crime."

So hang on chaps... What you're saying is that migrants have been taken advantage of by the indiginous population? Don't you feel proud to be British? As a measure of just how shameless the Express story is, The Heil only find room for their spin on things on page 12 of their esteemed journal.

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