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Monday, February 01, 2010

Opponents of Assisted Suicide still convinced it's any of their business

PEOPLE who are opposed to assisted suicide are still absolutely convinced that it is any of their business, according to a new survey.

A BBC opinion poll found that of those who are against voluntary euthanasia, more than half are 'fairly' or 'reasonably' sure they need to have an ill-informed opinion about the inner-most recesses of someone else's soul.

Meanwhile almost a third continue to believe it is more their business than the person who is actually trying to kill themselves.

The poll asked, 'Someone you don't know with a horrible disease wants a close friend or relative to help them end their lives - what the fuck has it got to do with you?'.

According to the survey 22% said 'a bit the fuck to do with me', 46% said 'a lot the fuck to do with me' and the remaining 32% said that absolutely everything was their business all the time.

The survey is part of a Panorama special on people who have been charged with the murder of a relative after the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to listen to a single word they were saying.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "While there is always the risk of someone using it as a cover for actual homicide, in the vast majority of cases it really is none of your business, so just shut up.

"Meanwhile if the police suspect foul play there is nothing to stop them launching a full investigation, thus giving Midsomer Murders that glorious whiff of authenticity."

Terminal illness sufferer Julian Cook, from Grantham, added: "If they're so sure that the number of days I choose to be alive has got something to do with them then perhaps they could give my wife the afternoon off and help me wipe my bum while telling me lots of fascinating things about Jesus."

From the Daily Mash


tafkass said...

Very good...

The assisted suicide debate boils down to this - all life is sacred, as is the church's right to make everyone's as miserable as possible.

I'm curious though; what would be the church's attitude if a homosexual wanted to commit assisted suicide? What's more important to Christians: ill-informed sanctimonious interference or homophobia? (There's only one way to find out...)

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tafkass said...

Anonymous / Chinese bloke; you're wasting your time. He's busy training; plus he only ever reads his comments on Facebook these days.

Chez Guevara said...

Burn a theme? What does that even mean?