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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Travel Update!

So here's the latest on what's going on with the Fister.

Turns out, the Rozzers were at the accident. Yay!
But it was caused by a stolen car. Boo!
However, they did arrest a person at the scene. Yay!
Although he denied everything, and was therefore bailed for 10 weeks. Boo!
But he has subsequently admitted everything, so he is likely to be charged soon. Yay!
But I have to wait til he is convicted before the insurance will go through. Boo!
Although it will not affect my no claims and I will get the whole amount paid. Yay!
Minus my exess of £350. Boo!
Until he is convicted and then I should get that as well. Yay!
But the Fister is a write-off. Boo!
Although the engineer did value it at the same amount as what I paid for it, 10 months ago. Yay!
But I'm now without a car. Boo!
Although I have now bought a replacement. Yay!

OK, that's quite enough panto for now. Yes, my poor Fister is dead and I'm in the process of replacing it with... a white VW transporter.

Yes, that's right, folks - Chez is getting yet another van. This one is white, P reg, diesel and I got it for an absolute bargain price. The plan? Throw a bed, a hob and some cupboards in the back, paint zebra stripes on the outside and head for the hills...

Pics to follow, just as soon as I get them. And as for a name? Well, my previous vans - Fredzilla and Rudy - grew into their names. I'm thinking either Zebedee (if I go for the zebra stripes) or quite simply Dubya. Or maybe von Dubya. Suggestions gratefully received.

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