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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friends Lost...

Writing about my experience with Bipolar Girl in the last post (which sounds like a kind of very dodgy anti-Superhero) reminded me of just how many friends I lost as a result of that relationship. It really was a 24-hour job keeping her in one piece and, well, sane that I was simply unable to keep in touch with my friends anymore.

And I miss them. Even though I do have some truly wonderful friends now, there are still old friends that I really do miss, even now. In my bedroom I have red fur stuck to one of the walls. Yes, really I do (some things never change). And on that fur I have stuck various photos taken over the years. There are a lot of my uni years.

It is truly sad that although those years were possibly the best of my life, I have lost contact with EVERYONE I went to uni with. It seems remarkable that I left uni 11 years ago. Eleven! That means I've known them for 15 years. Jesus, it seems like yesterday.

I miss Duncy Dunc, Susan and Rav the most. Dunc's Beavis laugh... Sue's yellow hair... Rav's fundamental Ravness. I'd love to catch up with what they're doing. And I'd love to know what Kilv is up to. And Chicken Leg... Kazza... Jen, Het & The Raven...

Would it be weird to see them again? Yeah, of course... Would we still get on? Indubitably. Some probably more than others. I think that with some friends a connection can transcend many years. A couple of years ago, I got back in touch with my schoolfriend Mikey G and it was like we'd never been apart, even though it had been 14 years since we'd last seen each other. I did demolish his house, though, within 5 minutes of turning up. Sorry about that.

So if anyone out there in blogland knows the whereabouts (or indeed if any of you are actually reading this!) then get in touch. It would be ace to meet up again and see what you're all up to. I'm in beautiful, sunny Devon. You're all welcome to come and stay. So long as you don't break anything.


Anonymous said...

I remember Rav. I still have a bangle she gave to me. She was nice.

Huh? Oh, sorry. I'll leave the nostalgia to you. I was only, what, seven then anyway.

Chez Guevara said...

Hehe! My favourite memory of Rav is when we lived together in Brum. I had to get up early the next day and she didn't... After a prolonged taunting from her, I said I'd make sure she got up early too... And when she went to the loo, I sneaked my bell alarm clock under her bed, set for 7am.

And at 7am the next morning, I heard the alarm go off in her room and I giggled childishly to myself... I heard her door burst open and I thought she was on her way to my room to give me shit... Instead I heard the front door open. And then from outside, I finally heard "Hang on, we don't even have a fucking fire alarm"

I laughed til it hurt.