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Friday, September 22, 2006

Get Well Soon, Hamster...

Q. What do elton john and richard hammond have in common?
A. Both have skid marks on their helmets.

Bad taste, but one I think he'd laugh at.

I really, really hope that Wee Richard Hammond is alright. I like him a lot. At least he's out of intensive care - it remains to be seen whether he will make a full recovery. I really hope that he does. Top Gear will not be the same without him. Anyone know if he actually got the record?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wish what happened to him on anyone, but I have it on good authority from someone who's worked with Hammond that he's not quite the "chirpy chappie" he appears - in fact, quite the prima donna on set.

Since it looks as if he'll be OK, and since we're tiptoeing into the realms of tasteless jokes, how about this one:

If Hamster had actually popped his clogs and signed his donor card, does that mean that someone would have got a Hammond Organ?

Anonymous said...

Hammond's an industrial-strength cunt, whose sole redeeming quality (not being Jeremy Clarkson) is nullified by the fact that he so desperately wishes he were Jeremy Clarkson. I'm bitterly disappointed by news of his recovery, and only pray that he returns to Top Gear so he can top himself properly next time.