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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The End of Harry Potter

"But Harry", said Hermione "Ron and I have never seen Lord Voldemort. How will we know what he looks like?"
"Because he's got no nose." replied Harry.
"No nose?" asked Ron, incredulously. "How does he smell?"
"Terrible." replied Harry, before Hermione & Ron beat him to death with their wands.

That's how I'd have ended the last book in the series, but then perhaps that's why I'm not a multi-million pound writer.

But I've finished the book and know how it ends... Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil it for you. The last book in the series is dark as hell. It's been interesting to see how the books have got darker and darker as the story has developed. There were a lot of very young kids there last night, and I wouldn't necessarily say these are children's books anymore. But it was a good read and I'm truly sorry to see the end of Harry Potter.

One final note, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, JK Rowling will do now. I don't think that anything she will do will be as good as Harry Potter has been. It's certainly going to take something special to follow this.


Yo mutha said...

I totally agree, I have enjoyed every single Harry Potter book, I am actually feeling quite sad to think this will be the end of his adventures.

Little Zoe said...

I definitely, absolutely didn't stay up till seven am reading it. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely didn't stay up to the wee hours either...well maybe. I have loved every minute of escapism that the world Harry Potter has given me and am very sorry to have to go back to being 31 and not 12 forever!!