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Thursday, July 19, 2007

More and More Bizarre Spam

Just received perhaps my most bizarre spam email to date from someone called Mari Rutherford. The subject was simply: "armpit clockwatcher allusive". Although I'm used to those being weird, I thought this example was particularly creative. However, that wasn't the weird part of it. The text ran:

"allah chauffeur cochran cit. aggravate constrictor denominate alginate celia devil. destabilize bring artillery apatite conceive chart carbone assail bursitis. abide counterbalance curtsey beg blob creole ambivalent."

And that was it. No link, no attempt to sell me tablets that would allow me to 'drape my cock over my shoulder'. Needless to say, I was rather perplexed. Although I've always thought that spam was pointless anyway - surely NOBODY buys anything from the internet like that - I really can't see the point in this one. What an absolute waste of time.

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