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Monday, August 20, 2007


Went to the annual British Firework Champtionships last week, which happens every year in Plymouth. Set over two days, it really is great fun. The six contestants are limited to 500kg of fireworks each, which means 1.5 tons of fireworks each night.

On tuesday night Helen & I went to Queen Anne's Battery and we sat in Freddie, drinking tea with my friends Mark & Sal. On wednesday night Helen & I went to Mountbatten and this time we brought our deckchairs and thermos. Although Helen took the piss out of my deckchairs (most notably the rather useful tray that lifts up on the side), I wasn't the one wrapped under the tartan blanket.

But there were some rather fantastic fireworks on display, including some I'd never seen before. My favourite was a screamer that shot up, then started to plummet before suddenly taking off again. Absolutely remarkable. I shall be posting on the blog next year's dates, as and when I know them. I would thoroughly recommend that everyone comes down to Plymouth to watch next year.

This is where they set the fireworks off.

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Yo Mutha said...

Wow I'm there next year Mister, I should imagine it was a pretty spectacular night. You are very lucky having this on your doorstep. x