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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strange Links continued

Looking for this?

I wrote recently about strange referrals to the site. And I'm now getting some even weirder links. I'm still getting a healthy number of titfuck references, for some reason. Although they all seem to be looking for the Titfuck Game - whatever that is. Incidentally, if I was a games writer for the Nintendo Wii (the games console with the interactive control unit that you strap to your wrist), I'd definitely write a sex game. Probably 'soggy biscuit', with the players masturbating furiously over a digestive. But I digress.

But I am getting some various strange ones. How about toe-rag Potter vocabulary? Or Ruud Gullit Moustache? Or Vintage Kappa Tracksuit?

I know that search engines throw up the weirdest stuff, but I'm just wondering why anyone on this planet would want to google for Ruud Gullit's moustache. And what they think when they get here. Particularly all the Danish, Polish and Italian pervs looking for the titfuck game. (And when they find it, can they please come back and let me know what it is.)

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