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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I feel like my Dad!

Took the day off work today to catch up on stuff. And decided as well to work on Freddie. There was a cupboard at the back of the van by the bed which was really in the way. So today I bought a jigsaw, sawed the cupboard in half and extended the bed. I bought wood, and I even measured it all properly and carefully. And now it's finished, it all looks good (well, good for me) and I'm feeling quite proud of myself. I have an irrational fear of anything to do with DIY, particularly carpentry. And I've just made my first cupboard. Who knows, maybe they'll make a man of me yet.

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Shit Sandwich said...

Good going, Chez - trumps my "I managed to lay some lino fairly straight", which remains my DIY high point.