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Friday, August 11, 2006

Inbred Tripple-Nippled Cousin Fuckers

Dr Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North

Something that we Suffolk boys have known for some time, our Norfolk 'brethren' have officially been accused of inbreeding by one of their own.

The Labour MP for Norwich, Dr Ian Gibson, who incidentally has a PhD in genetics, was commenting on research showing that Norfolk had more than double the number of children diagnosed with type one diabetes than would be expected for its level of population. His comments:

"I would imagine it is linked to the fact that people in Norfolk are quite inbred. It is something that needs to be looked at as a priority."

Obviously his constituents are outraged. "It's an outrage" confirmed Britney, a 14-year old mono-browed mother of 4. "When I told my mum, my aunt and my sister, well, she was furious too".


kyklops said...

Ouch! That from an MP? From the article it sounds like he may be scientifically correct, but he really should be careful about about his choice of phrases. (I don't know this character, but it didn't seem like he meant to imply that incest was a common practice amongst Norfolk people).
Not one hour's drive from where I was born and brought up there was this scandal back in the 70's. To this day in Nova Scotia the name 'Goler' is synonymous with incest and is still the topic of many jokes. (The link I gave is pretty tame; if you're interested in the story, Google should reap many more stories). The children in this story were fucking brutalized, generation after generation.
Chez, I want to stress that I'm not against the incest joke you made in the post. Fuck, I make jokes like that all the time. Again, I don't know the character of this Gibson fellow. But, it sounds like he was wearing his 'science hat' when he should have been wearing his 'politician's hat'.

Chez Guevara said...

Clearly he is... But there is a lot of rivalry between the good people of Suffolk and our local neighbours in Norfolk. And as a Suffolk lad, it did make me laugh. said...

Very funny story; good to see Naaaarfolk MPs admitting the truth about their halfwit weirdo Deliverance-esque constituents.

I think Gibbo claimed in his defence at one point something along the lines of "inbreeding and outbreeding are scientific terms which the public don't properly understand". Obviously he has similar problems with the meaning of the word "politics".

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