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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Day in Paradise...

So yesterday, it was so cold I had to put on a T shirt. Not that I'm expecting any sympathy from any of you, particularly those of you in the UK where it's brass monkey. But today it's another glorious day in Paradise, so I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to.

I've learnt that chilled marmite on a mosquito bite stops it itching immediately. Although it doesn't make you very popular with the expats, who think it's sacrilege. Being away from home makes you do and think strange things.

I've learnt that the local girls are a lot more, ahem, forward than the girls back home. Whilst dancing at a local bar, they have a habit of coming up to you, shoving their not insubstantial booties in your groin and then basically simulating sex to the music. I mean, it's just not British, is it? And as much as I fancied being stripped of everything I possess (and not in a good way), I politely declined their requests for me to take them home. Despite the fact that some of them are quite stunning.

I won $180 in a quiz night, which would have been a great victory for the British if the majority of the other participants weren't also British.

I've been sailing, I've been sunbathing (and have miraculously managed to not get sunburn), I've been swimming. The food is quite fantastic (with one notable exception) and, well, this is a lifestyle I could quite easily get used to. Although whether I'd still think that if I came out in the Summer, when it's a million degrees and 200% humidity is another thing entirely.

But all in all, at the halfway point of my holiday, I'm enjoying it. I've met some interesting people (and some real nutjobs too) and I would heartily recommend that anyone should come here. But bring marmite.

My Moment of Glory, with Anna & Ian


Anonymous said...

Stout fellow - keeping up the British end of sporting prowess despite the attempts of those filthy foreign women to distract you. Good show.

Anonymous said...

good lad glad to hear you are stil behaving like a good english gentleman. You have remember what part of the family you get the brains from?
From the Auntie whose spent 15mins trying to use my glasses case as a mouse this afternoon! x