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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bugger. It's Cloudy.

Which reminds me of a radio ad they're playing here to raise AIDS awareness, called 'Ouch! It hurts!'. Which is in my opinion a rather bizarre name for an AIDS awareness campaign. Perhaps 'Arse! I'm dying!' might be slightly more fitting. But I digress.

Yes, we've had two (two!) cloudy days now, and the sun isn't shining. And so far my tan has progressed from blue to white, but I was hoping to at least reach salmon before I got back. But it's not all bad, it's given me an opportunity to practice my tai chi.

I am now able to part a wild horse's mane, spread a white crane's wings and do a Brezhnian Press (really called a Brush Knee & Press, but I prefer the Russian alternative). Although I may get deported for the first two if I try them outside. But you have no idea how thrilled I am at having been able to learn how to do these. Just goes to show that I do still have a memory of sorts and I will soon be able to fulfil a lifetime ambition of mine, of doing tai chi by the water, like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. If I carry on like this, I'll be repulsing monkeys before I know it.


Yow Mutha said...

Arse! I'm dying. I'm sorry to be so wicked but I found that so incredibly funny. I know, weird sense of humour and all that.

Helly said...

Huh, Call that a cloudy day not only am I losing my marbles am now losing all my teeth tomorrow AHHHHHHHHH
From your ever gummy Auntie xx