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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Good

Snowboarders in Romania blocked traffic by staging a protest outside the National Weather Institute to complain about the lack of snow in Romania this year. The sit down protest in Bucharest only ended when weathermen told them their complaint 'would be passed on to a higher authority'. One assumes that they are on the phone to God as we speak.

If it works, and snow is predicted to fall some time later this week, I intend to kidnap Michael Fish until someone promises to make it sunny in Plymouth all year round.


Little Zoe said...

Like he could do anything. Come on, this is Michael FISH we're talking about here.

"There will be no hurricane..."


Yo Mutha said...

You talk about hurricanes, We are actually having one at this very moment, Gale force winds of up to 80+ miles per hour. Your poor little sister and the boys have been sitting on the A14 for tha last 3 hours unable to move as the wind has blown a lorry over. Yep I think this is definately a hurricane.

Little Zoe said...

I take full responsibility for the hurricanes we've had this week. It was only a simple joke, but obviously, as a demi-goddess and all-round Awesome Person, I can control the weather. I paid for it, though, by sitting on a 90-minute train journey for two-and-a-half hours because they had to stop at every level crossing to check manually the track was clear.