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Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Butter wouldn't melt.

May I be the first to wish my friend Carrie a fantastic birthday. I'm not sure exactly how old she's going to be (ahem), but in her words, let's just say she's 30 + VAT. Have a good night tonight, babe, and have one on me!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Carrie. Enjoy a wonderful birthday. Wishing you loads of luck and success for the future. She looks really young and vibrant.
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Carrie said...

oooooooooooow mate! You remembered!
How lovely of you!

I am keeping an eye on your blog - great that you're having a fab time!

Marmite Rules!

Little Zoe said...

Happy birthday, Carrie. I don't know you, but I automatically have respect for any jazz singer.