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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On the Roeder Nowhere

New Carrot Rud manager Glenn Roeder and stroke-victim winker-weirdo Anne Robinson. I must say, I've never seen them in the same room at the same time.

Rather intrigued at Naaaaarwich's new manager. He had one good season at West Ham, but has been pretty crap everywhere else he's been. At Newcastle, he spent a lot of money and although he did have injury problems, he simply wasn't good enough. And Naaaaarwich have also spent big this year, but sit proudly at the bottom of the league.

And on Sunday afternoon it's the East Anglian derby at Carrot Rud. What better game could he start with? The mighty Ipswich are currently 4th in the league and playing well. Well, they're playing well at home, at least. I still think we've got enough to beat the budgies at Carrot Rud, but I do expect Roeder to lead them out of trouble. It would be a shame if our inbred cousins were to be relegated (snigger snigger).

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Shit Sandwich said...

Naaaaarwich are bottom of the league. They've just appointed a manager who's universally recognised as being even shitter than Bryan Robson. They haven't won in a month; we haven't lost in a month - and we play them on Sunday.

Surefire recipe for a 4-0 Norwich win.