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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Supporting the Samaritans

I went to the Annual General Meeting of the Plymouth Samaritans last night. It's when all the volunteers get together to discuss what has happened in the previous year. High on the agenda was funding. I assumed that an organisation like the Samaritans would get government funding, but only 2% of our overall funding comes from the goverment - that works out at only £200,000 a year. Incredibly, the Donkey Sanctuary gets more funding each year - £17m - than the Samaritans, which nationwide only brings in £10m.

However, that only tells half the story. The individual branches don't actually get any support at all and the Plymouth branch is totally self-funded. I was shocked to find out that last year, the Plymouth branch of the Samaritans brought in less than £20,000. Bearing in mind their outgoings are substantially more than that, they are trading at a loss, even though no one in the branch is paid a penny for the great work they do.

The branch relies heavily on donations, tin shakes and the like, but needs to raise at least 25% more each year to cover its outgoings. Obviously, if any readers of White Spirit would like to make a donation, please email me at and I'll let you know how to do so.

But, I've got a scheme. Some of you may know that in my day job, I'm a mortgage adviser. I also offer all sorts of insurance, such as buildings & contents insurance as well as accident, sickness & unemployment cover. I've decided that I will donate any commission I receive for any buildings & contents or ASU policies I write to the Samaritans.

So if you'd like to help a truly worth cause whilst at the same time helping yourself, then drop me a line. As an independent broker, I offer the cheapest insurance you can possibly get. You can have just buildings insurance, but if you go for both buildings and contents, the contents insurance is half price. I can also do buildings insurance on a buy to let. Or if you want to protect your mortgage against losing your job or not being able to work due to an illness, then I can help with that too. And every penny will go to supporting the Samaritans.

Drop me a line at or call me in the office on 01752 201 221. Make sure you state that you want the Samaritans deal. I'm not after your charity or your donations; it's a win-win situation. You get the best and cheapest insurance, which you need anyway; the Samaritans get the support they so richly deserve; and best of all, it's all paid for by the insurance companies. Get in touch; you know it makes sense.


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