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Monday, October 15, 2007

Those Rugger Buggers...

Left in a bit of a quandary with England's recent rugby success. Well, not so much of a quandary, really. I mean, I'm not going to be cheering on South Africa, just as I wasn't cheering on France or the Aussies. However, am I the only one who finds England's style of rugby deadly dull?

There's no flair, no moments of brilliance. Just kick it up the pitch, then bung it to Johnny Wilkinson and kick it over the sticks. Booooring. In many ways, the drop goal has ruined rugby. But what is it about the English? The last few football World Cups were the same - get a goal, then the fabled 10-0-0 formation. Yes, it's all English grit and bulldog spirit. But it's so fucking dull.

England used to be exciting, at both rugby and football. To be fair, the football is getting better, although only recently. But I don't want to watch our teams grind out results against more exciting teams. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I'll still be cheering them on against South Africa; but I hope against hope that they play some decent rugby, just as I hope that the football team will play well against Russia, whatever the resuls.


Anonymous said...

England HAVE been boring, but then I can't really whine too much; Italy didn't exactly set the world on fire in winning the footie WC last summer.

In professional sport, winning is everything. England are considerably less talented than France, New Zealand, South Africa and arguably even Australia - what would be the point of them playing expansively and getting cut to pieces? Team spirit and playing to your strengths are just as laudable as playing "excitingly".

Anonymous said...

????? Talent is achieving your best result surely. How you do that does not matter (within the rules). Winning isn't everything but losing is nothing... all depends if you see sport as entertainment as in the majority or something to participate (maybe bad spelling) in.
Verglas (having seen land for the first time in a while and jolly pissed)