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Monday, October 01, 2007

Criminal Masterminds Award 2007

In third place are the three men who decided to streak through a restaurant in Washington. In order to make a quick getaway after their nude sprint, they left their car running outside. Unfortunately for them, during the time they were in the restaurant, their car – with all their clothes inside it – was stolen. They chased after it (in temperatures below –5°C), but were unable to catch up, and were forced to huddle, naked, behind another car until the police arrived.

In second place, if I was going to carry out an armed robbery, I think the last place I'd try to hold up would be a karate academy. But that's exactly what one rather hapless thief tried recently in Colombia. The would-be criminal mastermind discovered the flaw in his plans when the students at the academy didn't take kindly to being robbed. The robber is now recovering in a hospital, after the martial artists used their combat skills on him and took away his gun.

Although perhaps a karate academy isn't the worst place in the world to rob, which brings us onto first place where a man attempted to rob a gun shop near Seattle. Ignoring the marked police car that was parked outside, he went in, pulled his gun, and told everybody to freeze or he'd kill them. Among the numerous people in the shop who pulled their own guns in return, both the shop clerks and an on-duty police officer returned fire. Our criminal mastermind died from four gun shot wounds.

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