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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Joke about Jesus

An Irishman, a Scotsman and a Scouser are having a drink in the pub when a man walks in with a beard, long hair and sandals.

"Would you look at him?" says the Irishman "He looks just like Jesus!"

"Aye, you're right." says the Scotsman. "Let's buy him a drink."

They call over the landlord and order a pint for the newcomer. The landlord takes it over to the man, saying "here you go, mate. The lads over there have bought you a drink."

The man takes a sip of the drink and goes over to the three men to thank them for their generosity.

"I want to thank you for your generosity. You don't often see that in this day and age" says the man and he shakes the Irishman by the hand.

"Holy Mary, Mother of God!" exclaims the Irishman. "Me bad back! I've had it for years! It's completely gone! That's a miracle, to be sure!"

The man then shakes the Scotsman by the hand.

"Ach, God be praised!" says the Scotsman. "Mah bad knee! I've barely been able to walk on it and it's completely healed! Ach, that's a miracle!"

The man then goes to shake the Scouser's hand, but the Scouser recoils in horror, shouting:

"Don't touch me! I'm on disability!"

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