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Friday, November 16, 2007

"A Journey through Time and Space..."

I am so excited. Today (Friday) on BBC3 at 11:30 pm, The Mighty Boosh return for their much awaited third series. I am ever thankful to the venerable Shit Sandwich for introducing me to the Boosh. As I introduced him to It Bites and Sisters of Mercy, we're probably just about even.

I don't think I've seen a comedy as inventive as the Boosh, perhaps since Monty Python. The Boosh's surreal humour is often compared to Python, but the two are very different in many ways. The Mighty Boosh isn't really gag comedy - and there are not that many laugh out loud moments. But there's just an energy about it, that makes it simply irresistible.

For those that haven't seen the Boosh in action, I would thoroughly recommend watching it. The first episode I watched, I was slightly flummoxed; it took a couple of episodes to get onto their wavelength. But it's definitely worth it.


Shit Sandwich said...

Hmm. On first impressions, I wasn't actually huge on last night's first episode of series 3: slightly darker than we're used to, and a bit laugh-lite. But, knowing the Boosh, it's a grower and I'll be quoting the episode word-for-word by Christmas.

New episodes are available on the BBC website a week in advance of their screening:

Shit Sandwich said...

By the way, a) you don't even REMEMBER introducing me to It Bites, much less own any music by them nowadays, and b) Pal, I think, claims the credit for the Sisters introduction. You can fight it out between yous...