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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surely that's cheating...

Regular readers of White Spirit will know that I sometimes have a beef with advertising. Things that really get my goat are false claims, like for example, claiming that a particular product will give your hair 85% more colour. Surely everything has got as much colour as it can possibly have? My hair will not get any more colour, no matter what I do; it might change from deeper or lighter shades, but it's not going to get more colour.

But what's really irritating me at the moment are the adverts for mascara. I know I'm never going to use them; but they show Kate Moss and various other models with these spider leg eyelashes. The product is meant to show that you can get lashes like that - but one advert says in tiny writing that they are using eyelash inserts and another advert says 'enhanced in post production'.

Am I the only one that batters an eyelid at this obvious cheating?


Anonymous said...

It's a bit like offering something half price when price by definition is the numerical figure given for the actual amount you pay. Always a dodgy advertising slogan if you ask me, personally my price is my price, but then I trade on reputation and have no need of advertising.
PS how good was the mascara?

Carrie said...

The ad thats gets my goat is Johnsons Holiday Skin. (Fake tan in a bottle) Their strap line?
"The most natural tan you will ever have"

Yow mjuthar said...

I'm with you there kid, it winds me up too. xx

Yow Muther said...

whoops I appear to have lost the ability to spell my name xx