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Friday, November 16, 2007

Return of the Boosh

Just watched the first episode in the third series of the Mighty Boosh. And Shit was right, it was a bit darker and perhaps not as funny as the first two series. Could it be that I've been so excited about the new series, that it was never going to be as good? I have to say, I'm not sure about Naboo's shop as the setting - I feel it may be a little restrictive. But there were some episodes that I thought were not as good in the first two series, and perhaps this will turn out to be one of those...

It wasn't terrible; there were still a few moments that made me laugh, most notably the Moon:

"People say if you look at the Moon for too long, it sends you mad. Well, Patrick Moore has been looking at me for years, and yesterday I saw him take a shit on a salad."

It could be that they are victims of their own success. The first two series were so good, this series has been one of the most eagerly anticipated return that I can remember. Let's hope that it builds up and gets better and better. And I'm delighted to hear that Bob Fossil will be making a return this series.

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Shit Sandwich said...

My sister - who's a novice - absolutely loved it, so maybe the "grower" factor will kick in as I suggested.

Early reports suggested that the setting would be them as a touring band; so I agree, the shop scenario is a bit limiting. We don't want another facking Arkwright and G-G-G-Granville, do we... plus the music (normally a HUGE plus factor) was not great last night. But let's see what the Booshmeisters do in subsequent episodes...