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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasy Football update

My team is underperforming terribly and I am currently languishing third from bottom. I am below my gran and even Little Zoe in the rankings. The only consolation is that the good Shit Sandwich is currently bottom.


Shit Sandwich said...

Jeez Louise! I'm also bottom of my predictions league, languishing desperately behind with only 7 points (the leader currently has 31). Tip for any gamblers out there - ask me what the outcome of a sporting event will be, and then bet on the exact opposite.

Little Zoe said...

Even Little Zoe? I object to such licentious lies as this utterly ridiculous suggestion that I might not know anything about football. Let's get the umpire in on this one.

Dinky Flop said...

It's even worse, you are below your Mum, and her team was made out of players she had heard of irrespective of there talent, she was most upset when she couldn't have David Beckham in her team