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Sunday, September 09, 2007

A proud day for White Spirit

I always strive to spread the word. And I'm always proud when my good work gets recognised. So I'm sure you can imagine my delight in being number one on Google. A proud day indeed. And not just if you search under 'Smells Like White Spirit'. Oh no... We are number one if you type in 'Chuck your muck over your sister's jubblies'. A proud day indeed.

And we're number 4 on MSN if you type in 'Excited by doctor examining my breasts'. Still some way to go there, but I'm sure with a concerted effort, I can make the number one spot.


Anonymous said...

Just how did you discover that searching for 'Chuck your muck over your sister's jubblies' had such a result? Of course by using such phrases as this in your blog is going to mean thay come up in the results anyway. I wonder what the most common search word is, once you know that surely it's a case of repeating that word lets say a hundred times in your blog and hey presto top of the list.

Chez Guevara said...

I have tracking software that tells me what people search for when they stumble onto the blog. It's the thing on the right of the blog just above the green counter.

I suspect 'porn', 'sex' and 'download' will feature quite highly. Although you can check out to find out more!

Anonymous said...

Boy that's a lot of info, to much for your own good, or mine, I got completely sucked into who, where and why for a moment there. Most bizarre what people search for.

Shit Sandwich said...

You aren't though, I note, number 1 for "lovely lovely lovely, time to rape a turkey".