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Sunday, September 30, 2007


In my pre-season preview of Serie A, I said that Meeelan would struggle to win Serie A this year, because of their lack of a truly world-class striker to play alongside Ronaldo. And with the buck-toothed Brazilian currently injured, the Rossoneri are really struggling in Serie A.

I watched Meeelan scrape a lucky home draw against Catania (who are likely candidates for relegation this year), and only a very dodgy penalty gave them even that. Meeelan have now won only once in the league this season and are currently languishing in mid-table.

They seem to have two main problems. Firstly in defence, they are looking rather shaky. But their main problem is simply they cannot score. Gilardino looks a shadow of his former self; he clearly does not have the mental strength to be a Milan player. And Inzaghi is way past his best - I think he's better suited to a sub role. I think Milan should have pushed the boat out to get Sheva back in the Summer. They are really missing a true goal-scorer, particularly when you remember how injury-prone Ronaldo can be.

When you look at Inter, they've got Crespo, Ibrahimovich, with David Suazo, Adriano and Julio Cruz on the bench. Milan have an injury-prone Ronaldo, the ageing Pippo 'I was born in an offside position' Inzaghi and the hapless Alberto 'Couldn't score in a brothel with a 100 Euro note tied to my nob' Gilardino. And no one else.

As a part-time Milanista, I do hope that Berlusconi gets his chequebook out in January; or this could be one of the worst seasons for Milan in recent memory.

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Michael said...

I half-agree. They definitely need a frontman; I wouldn't go for Shev though, I'd go for a big strong lump who can hold up play, a la Drogba / Kanoute. They have bought this kid Pato who's eligible to play in Jan and is apparently very gifted, but he's more in the "fantasista" mould.

Milan WERE crap this afternoon, but bear in mind that Catania came to defend. If a team tries to take Milan on by actually playing football, the midfield is unshackled and the team suddenly looks like world-beaters. I saw them take Sevilla (a VERY handy side) apart in the European Super Cup, and they looked fantastic. I still think that they're the best side in Europe.

Re. Ronaldo - something tells me he won't play for the club again.