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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Joke about Nurses

A trainee nurse starts her new job at the hospital and is being shown around the wards by the matron. In one ward she is horrified to see a man masturbating furiously on his bed.

"That's wrong." says the trainee "why don't you stop him?"

"Oh no, that's Mr Jones. He's got a rather embarrassing problem. His testicles produce too much semen and he has to do that or they'll burst."

Still feeling uncomfortable, she begrudgingly agrees with the matron and moves on. In the next ward, she sees a nurse giving a patient a blow job.

"Oh come on, that's really wrong!" says the trainee.

"No, that's Mr Smith." says the matron. He's got the same problem as Mr Jones, but he's with BUPA."

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