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Friday, September 21, 2007

U Go, Boss

So the Special One has gone. I did quite like Mourinho, I've always thought he was pretty cool in a pouting, moody type of way. But under him, Chelsea have been deadly dull to watch - certainly not the champagne football that was expected for all the money that was spent. Last season in particular, they were outplayed and outclassed by United. And if I'd spent half a billion pounds on players, I'd certainly want to see my team play better than that.

But I am surprised that they've gone for Avram Grant. I would have thought they'd push the boat out for a top-class manager - somebody that can introduce a bit of flair. There are a few managers that would turn it down - Ancelotti, Wenger and Fergie to name a couple. But I think most managers would jump at the chance to manage Chelsea.

I know that Capello is available, as is Didier Deschamps. Maybe the Sevilla coach, Juande Ramos. But whoever takes charge at Chelsea - and I doubt very much that Grant will stay in the position permenantly - it will need to be someone with the stature to take Chelsea to the next level.

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