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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jack the Tractor part II

I just heard a nice lady on the BBC describe this nutter as 'potentially one of Britain's worst serial killers'.

What nonsense.

Surely Michael Barrymore is Britain's worst serial killer, since he's only bumfisted one man to death, and didn't even have the decency to admit it.


Pal Pito said...

Just reminded me of a quote I saw a couple of days ago, sadly I can't find it again but I think it was:

"Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of the best players there has ever been but he's got to get a few more titles under his belt before he can be considered as one of the best players there has ever been". [John Virgo]

Oh, this one is totally irrelevant (the previous one had a tenuous link regarding the use of superlatives) but I just found it funny:

Paul Merson: "He looks like a fish up a tree."
Presenter: "What does that look like?"
Merson: "Out of his depth."

Dinky Flop said...

The media have named him 'The Suffolk Strangler' unfortunately one of the profilers has said he would have been pissed off to have been named the 'Ipswich Ripper' which is what he was being called, but he would be much happier with a unique name so he will always be remembered. That's ok then as long as we dont piss him off. Oh and does anybody know who he is, I could really do with the £250.000

Yow Mutha said...

I cannot find any words to describe the horror that is happening here in Ipswich at the moment. Those poor young girls must have had a hard enough life just trying to survive day to day, they certainly did'nt deserve to leave this world the way they did. I can only hope and pray this monster will soon be caught.

May those poor girls rest in peace.