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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Women... They just don't get football.

This is a true story from a West Ham season-ticket holder. His season-ticket last year was an absolute plum seat half way up the Upton park main stand close to the half-way line. In other words, a TV camera style view. Anyway, after the first few games of the season it became apparent that despite all the home games being sell-outs, the two seats on his left were always empty. This continued until just after Christmas when all of a sudden a guy and his young son appeared there. After a few weeks of sitting next to this guy and his son, he decided to ask if the guy knew why the seats had been empty for half the season.

The guy said "Don't even go there mate. The wife bought me and my son a season ticket but decided it would be a nice idea to give us them for Christmas. I was fucking raging!"


kyklops said...

Ouch!! Unfortunately, I have no problem believing every word of this story (all I have to do is replace football with hockey...).

Yow Mutha said...

Ain't that the cutest story, us girls we mean well.

Little Zoe said...

You'd be so proud of me, Chez. I actually understand the offside rule, unlike the majority of my gender. I made a point of learning it.

I still can't open jars, however. But then, as you say, if I get a pair of marigolds, I'll never need a man again.

Shit Sandwich said...

If I were the West Ham fan, I'd actually be fairly happy, considering the start they've had to the season. Plus missing those pre-Christmas games gave him more time to eat cockles and whelks, buy gold signet rings for his missus and harbour racist views, so it's not all bad news.