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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Suffolkator

Why are they calling him the Ipswich Ripper? He hasn't actually 'ripped' anyone. As far as I'm aware, they've all been asphyxiated? Unless, as I commented on Little Zoe's blog, it is as a result of severe flatulence, it's misleading to call him the Ipswich Ripper. And the Suffolk Strangler... I mean, it's not particularly unique, we've had a few 'stranglers' before, the most famous being the Boston Strangler.

I think we need a bit more imagination when coming up with new serial killer nicknames.

I think he should be called the Suffolkator. It covers both strangling / flatulence angles. And it sounds vaguely like some kind of futuristic killing machine, as opposed to some fat, dysfunctional 'mummy's boy' weirdo, which is probably nearer to the truth.

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Anonymous said...

It does'nt matter what they call this evil monster, he's murdered innocent young girls who did not deserve to die.
I went to my christmas dinner last night and had to drive pass the place where the last two victims were found. you can have no idea how awful it was knowing that one of those bodies were still laying down there in the cold while police looked for clues. I didnt know any of these girls but it has really affected me so how must their families be feeling.
So you see it does'nt really matter what fancy name they give this murderer , we must remember the victims, because they will never be called by their names ever again.