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Friday, December 08, 2006

Pizza Hut

If any of you phone up Pizza Hut to make an order, make sure you say 'Smells Like White Spirit' to the operator. You won't get a discount... But it helps to get the name around.


Anonymous said...

Oakey dokey skip, arrhh but what if they are foriegn and think I want a pizza that really does smell like white spirit,

Anonymous said...

Chez - I tried this out at a pizza hut in Leicestershire over the weekend. I was given the choice between taking it "as is" for half price or a replacement pizza - maybe there WAS white spirit in it after all, or maybe that new B&Q odourless polonium I was telling you about the other week....

ps your word verififation started to get tricky again - used the following sequence to sort it out:
- bollocks
- poppycock
- sortitout
- turdface
- thanks
- oi
- thatsbetter
- youvegothardagain
- ahyesgettingbetter
- lastchancemate