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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is a great program on Bravo late at night. Not a grumbleflick, but a series of fantastic 'adult-orientated' cartoons. I saw it for the first time the other night and it really made me laugh. Some of it is a bit hit and miss, but some of it is absolutely brilliant.

They had a great cartoon with a young girl asleep in her bedroom. The toothfairy flies in and removes the tooth from under her pillow. At that point, in another room, you hear her parents arguing and the little girl wakes up. She stares at the toothfairy and the toothfairy stares at her, as they both listen to the little girl's parents fighting.

A shot rings out and the mother is suddenly quiet... The toothfairy and the little girl look at each other again... the toothfairy then goes out and the little girl listens alone to the sound of fighting again. Another shot is fired and the father is suddenly quiet...

The camera never leaves the little girl's bedroom. She listens to the toothfairy get taken away by the police and is left all on her own in her bedroom for about 15 seconds.

The a marching band comes in and give the girl a certificate - "Congratulations! That was the darkest sketch ever shown!"

Absolutely brilliant. There's also Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which has nothing to do with water, teens or Hunger Force. Just a sketch with a milkshake, a meatwad and some chips. Well worth a watch, rather than that 'Make a Play' shite on ITV.

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