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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun with Perception


Little Zoe said...

Those are pretty clever. Unfortunately, the same sort of illusion means I always seem to have a tree growing out of my head in photos.

Pal Pito said...

For my in-laws' 40th anniversary we had the family over for lunch followed by a special cake... (stick with it, it's relevant).... my wife and I had the cake made in the shape of a 40 and adorned with various relevant decorations, including an "Eiffel Tower" which was meant to be a subtle joke - they've got a holiday house in France but in England they have a PHONE MAST near them that has caused them lots of grief..

Anyway, when I took all the photos of them cutting the cake, by sheer coincidence I managed to line them up so that the Eiffel Tower (grey icing sculpture) lined up with the crotch of my father-in-law's grey flannel trousers - in the pictures he looks like he's pleasuring himself on the tiny spike at the top of the tower.

This was true in EVERY picture - I literally took about 20 to 'make sure I got a good shot' of such an important occasion. Now they can't bear to watch the photos (I put them on the TV in our living room every time they come) and continue to believe I did it on purpose.