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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dope is as Dope does...

In the field of criminals making things really easy for the police, a bold new standard-setter has emerged – A woman in Michigan called the police after she became concerned that the dope she was smoking had been spiked with other chemicals.

Lt. Mike Pousak of the Oak Park police said: "When our officers got to the house she told them she believed the marijuana she had been smoking was laced with something other than marijuana."

According to authorities, the woman's daughter also noted that her mother had begun to suspect that her house contained demons.

On the plus side, the marijuana was indeed sent away for testing, so the woman got her request. So far, tests have managed to confirm that it's marijuana.

On the question of whether other drug users might like to take advantage of the police's helpful Pot Checking While U Wait service, Lt. Poulak suggested: "Not unless they want to be charged."

The woman has now been charged with possessing marijunana.

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