Thursday, May 10, 2007

Off to the Good Shit Sandwich

The UK's 'entry' (insert own double entendre here).

Off to sunny Folkestone this weekend, to enjoy (abuse) the hospitality of Monsieur Merde Baguette. And it's Eurovision weekend! The UK entry is once again an embarrasment; they've tried to go for camp / funny and they're just trying waaaaaaaay too hard. We might get a few votes here and there, but we're not going to win it.

Last year's Eurovision was simply remarkable, possibly the best ever. I don't quite know how this year's Eurovision will compare. Will they try and outdo the quite insane Finnish entry, Lordi? Or will they revert back to being a (ahem) 'serious' music competition? We shall wait and see...

Although I do have to first convince Shit that it will be worth watching. I did try to convince him to have a Eurovision Party. To no avail. Am I alone in thinking that Eurovision is simply superb entertainment? Listening to Terry Wogan getting progressively more pissed... Pah! Heathens! The lot of you. My money's on Norway's Wig Wam (below)


Anonymous said...


just to let you know we are havin a eurovision party - the boys cannot get over the fun they had when they watched it with you. Cheers for that !!!!

Anonymous said...

I got invited to one - a dress-up one at that - but sadly couldn't go. It's a shame. It was at a crazy, short, female, Welsh vicar's house and everything.

Anonymous said...

Grow up - Eurovision parties are strictly student fayre. Jamie and I shall be having a Mahler appreciation evening on Saturday, during which I will stroke my chin intermittently and smoke a pipe.