Monday, May 12, 2008

AC Alittlesilhouetteofaman Results 2008

Regular readers of the White Spirit will know that I take part in a family Fantasy Football tournament each year. After a disappointing first season with Obi-Wan Kenobi Nil, I had high hopes for my boys this season.

And to be fair, after a rather ropey start, they did pull it together. Although sadly, I think the headstart I gave the leaders was too much to make up at the end, but a rather respectable 7th was not too bad at all. That's probably an Intertoto place, which I'm happy with. I am unofficially the Aston Villa of the Fantasy Football league.

Next year will be different, oh yes. I'm going to break the stranglehold of my dad's reign of terror. Oh yes. Just you wait til next year - it's only a matter of time, bwa ha haha etc.

Oh, and it was good to see Tafkass just about scrape himself out of the relegation places this year in 20th place, one place below my 85-year old Gran and three places behind my mum, who wanted to pick Gary Lineker.

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Anonymous said...

Me, Dad and Sarah in the bottom four? I suspect anti-Markillie shenanigans.

OK, so there's Mum in 8th place just behind you, but that in itself is just bizarre. I suspect the purple, black and crimson hair had some last-minute supernatural effect.

What makes me laugh most of all is that Tafkass spends hours writing essays on his blog about the various pros and cons of certain footballing combinations, waxing lyrical about the management of different teams - and then ends up only three places above me, when I just picked the guys with the funniest names. I mean, really - Legwinsky?