Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lifestyle of the Rich and Shameless

...is hopefully what I will soon be living! I've decided to start trying to get my novel published. So today I sent off a letter to an agent (the same guy who represented Yartel Mann, the author of Life of Pi), asking if he'd like to represent me. I thought I'd start at the top, and you may be looking at (or reading the blog of, at least) the next Booker Prize winner.

If anyone would like to read the book, let me know. All feedback is welcome. As are any offers of nepotism regarding agents, publishers etc!


Anonymous said...

About time! Ooooh can I come to your first award ceremony? I can't wait.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Have just stumbled across your blog and was intrigued by this posting. What's your book about? I looked in vain for some previous reference but couldn't find one. However, I didn't look very thoroughly, having the attention span of a gnat. Good luck, anyway. I like to see us Deb'n boys and maids doing well.

Anonymous said...

hello sweetie Ihave been asking yow mutha for ages for a copy of the book so perhaps yu could e-mail it to me. plssssssssssssseeeee