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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hell hath no fury..

You've got to feel sorry for Stefan Postma. A ditched girlfriend has posted a homemade sex video of the ex-Aston Villa goalkeeper on the internet. But not just any old video... In the video, he is shown being 'pleasured' by the girl with a large strap-on.

She originally put the video on Ebay where he got into a bidding war with a Sunday tabloid, but he managed to outbid them and won. He thought that was the end of it, but apparently she wasn't satisfied. Unlike him, it would appear...

His agent released a statement, which raised a childish chuckle:

"This would not happen in Holland, but in England it is different. Stefan had a girlfriend who was not the right choice, but we hope it is all behind us now"

Apparently a Dutch website showing the video subsequently crashed due to overuse, while a television station was deluged with complaints after a clip was broadcast.

I've never made a video with a girl. I certainly wouldn't make one with me being buggered (not that I'm into that, you understand). Particularly not if I was famous. That is really asking for trouble.

Apparently, the player was on the brink of signing for Ipswich before the scandal hit. I am so pleased he didn't. We town fans have taken it up the arse for too long, we don't need the players doing it too.


Little Zoe said...

Ouch. In both senses of the word.

Yow Mutha said...

Ha ha ha(laughing out loud) you have got a brilliant way with words, Keep it up.
I shall miss your blogg while I am away.

Carrie said...

"Stefan had a girlfriend who was not the right choice..."
do they mean she was morally questionable, or do they mean he should have had a BOYFRIEND???