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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Super Blues

Alan Lee, Hat-trick hero

After today's fantastic result, which I watched on Sky, I've now reset my clocks to Suffolk time - 5 to Ipswich. What a performance! I haven't seen the Blues play that well in quite some time.

Billy Clarke looks a massive prospect - let's hope we manage to keep him for the time being, at least. And 'Monica' Legwinski has recaptured the sort of form that made him so popular at Fulham. Our new signing Roberts looks like he's going to be a handful. And of course, my namesake Alan Lee (Lee, being the namesake, not Alan) got a deserved hattrick.

One thing that struct me as bizarre. Everyone always talks about 'keeping a clean sheet'. It actually struck me watching the match that that's a rather unsavoury metaphor, if you think about it. If you let a goal in and don't 'keep a clean sheet', it makes it sound like you've shit the bed.

But anyway, what a perfect 24 hours. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my house, so my house is sparkling... I've got the girl of my dreams... Norwich lost 5-1... And I watched my team win 5-0 with a masterclass in football. Right. I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. You never know.

But I do know that if my smile gets any broader, my head is going to fall off.


Shit Sandwich said...

What's this "girl of my dreams" shenanigans?

"Keeping a clean sheet" is probably quite an apt metaphor, given that without one, you've probably spunked away your chances of winning the game.

Any divided loyalties for the game tonight?

Chez Guevara said...

Absolutely not! It's town all the way for me... I don't really follow Argyle. Probably in much the same way you wouldn't have any doubt if ever Folkestone FC were to play Meeelan in the Champions League. Unlikely, but you never know.

Shit Sandwich said...

I have a soft spot for Folkestone Invicta (means "undefeated", a name which is off the Morissette scale of irony). But of course, I'd always support MEEEEEE-lan or EEEEEEE-pswich first and foremost.

Did you see the game? Honour was satisfied with a 1-1 draw... probably a better result for ITFC than the Argyle. What the hell is an Argyle, btw?