Tuesday, June 27, 2006

High Tiddly Iti?

See that Juve Sporting Director Gianluca Pessotto has been seriously injured in a 'fall'. Apparently, he managed to fall out of his office window, all by himself.

Now, I don't know the intricate details about the scandal rocking Juve at the moment and whether Pessotto is in any way involved. But with the cloud of investigation hanging over the old lady, and the threat of possible relegation, it's a strange coincidence. And you can't help but wonder if it's not a coincidence at all. I mean, how the hell do you fall out of your office window? I've been working in an office for many years, and have so far successfully managed to not fall out of any windows at all. Even when my desk was right next to one.

I think that until Italian football (and Italy in general, you could argue) manages to clean up its corruption culture, there will always be an element of doubt in situations like this.

UPDATE: Initial reports suggest that he threw himself off the balcony. Now, it may be a suicide attempt. Ignoring the fact that he was holding a rosary and that as a Catholic, suicide is one of the worst sins, I still can't help suspecting foul play. I mean, he'd only been in the job of Sporting Director a month... I still don't think I'll completely believe it unless someone actually saw him jump. But apparently his injuries are not life-threatening, so we'll find out more when he recovers.


http://www.shitsandwich.co.uk said...

As I understand it, Pessotto suffers from depression. There was also talk that he was worried about not being up to the job of Juve GM. I doubt he's implicated in the scandal, having only recently retired as a player.

Anonymous said...

No, it's all a misunderstanding. I told him that "Berlusconi's going to have you thrown out of the top flight" and he took it the wrong way.

Any reports stating that he jumped to a chant of 'going down, going down' are absolutely untrue.