Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Big Cup Final

Well, the mighty Azzurri are in, and although I missed the game, I fully expect them to thump the old men of France in the final. I doubt if the dirty, dirty Portuguese will beat the French. Not that I'm bitter, obviously. Actually I'm not. We were crap. I just don't like to see all the play acting and cheating, which the Portuguese have done throughout the tournament.

I seriously think that Italy will win it this year. They've only conceded one goal all tournament, and that was an own goal against Team USA! USA! USA!

Sadly, it would appear that Nesta isn't going to be fit for the final, which is a terrible shame both for him and Italy. But I think it should make for a great final. Which I won't be able to see because I'm going to Jen's barbecue. Bugger.

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